Nuestras Señoras


La Macanita was grouped together with Esperanza Fernández and Marina Heredia in an episode of Nuestro Flamenco this week. The format was somewhat like a corrida de toros as José María rotated through the artists and it made for great listening. Nonetheless, grouping singers like this just because they’re women makes little sense. Any one of them is deserving of our singular attention and no man has ever shared airtime on Nuestro Flamenco because he is a man.

Great episode though.


Nuestro Flamenco

For the wannabe flamenco aficionado who lives outside of Spain, radio is vital. While the quiddity of flamenco might only be fully experienced in a tabloa on the Iberian Peninsula, in this era of radio renaissance there is plenty to sustain us.

To José María Velázquez-Gaztelu, the host of Nuestro Flamenco, I owe a great debt. If you let him, he will show you magnificent vistas and hand you a map as you set off to discover the world of flamenco.

Having been unable to listen to his program over the past month, I have a backlog of episodes that I’m dying to work through. To mark the occasion, and to encourage others to listen to Nuestro Flamenco, here’s three of my favourite recent episodes:

El universo musical de Moraíto, 20/11/14

El cante de la saeta, 02/04/15

El sonido de Dani de Morón, 16/07/15