Memoria de los Sentidos

Head over to El País to listen to Vicente Amigo’s new album, Memoria de los Setidos. First impression is very good.

To get you excited about Amigo (or more excited, rather) read this ‘hyperventilated consecration’ of him by Alberto García Reyes as translated by Brook Zern.


Paco at 69

Paco de Lucía would be 69 years old today.

Instituto Andaluz del Flamenco has an ‘exhibit’ at the Google Cultural Institute entitled Memories of Paco. Well worth a look. Apparently the maestro was, in his own words, a frustrated singer. Below, towards the end of the track, you can hear his voice.

In 2015, the guitarist received the digital treatment from El País to accompany the release of Entre 20 Aguas, a tribute CD published on the first anniversary of his death.